Privacy Policy

Interviwo Co.,ltd. ("the Company") hereby notifies its confidentiality policy on customer and site visitor information as follows:

Website visit

Customers and interested persons are entitled to visit the Company website to obtain information on our services and any relevant information without having to give us any personal information, provided that you do not wish to register and receive additional information from the Company.

The Company may improve the website on a continuous basis and may opt for any applications to gather information on the data searching behavior of site visitors for the purpose of improving the website for targeted customers, both in terms of content and access channels.

The Company may use “cookies” and similar technologies that may include third-party cookies. These technologies are used to track your usage on the Company’s website to improve the website’s efficiency and user experience by adjusting the content and other features on social media to satisfy the customers’ needs. Cookies are small text files that are sent to your computer while visiting the website. Cookies are not computer programs and are not harmful to your computer.

Personal information collection and retention

Any information relating to customers or interested persons shall be utilized solely for the Company operations as allowed by the laws as well as for development and enhancement of the Company’s products, services, and special offers to ensure better services in response to the client's demands. 

Such information shall not be utilized, gathered, or retained without the Company’s intentions as specified above. Only the information received directly from you through applications or registration via the website will be gathered for the purpose of further communications. Should you agree to provide your personal information such as names, surnames, date of birth, ID card number, address, email address, telephone or fax numbers, or business activities or any transactions to the Company, such information will be kept confidential by the Company in alignment with our advanced security standard.

However, such information will retain the client’s data until the client notifies the Company otherwise. If the Company has a publishing agreement with the client, the Company will retain such information as long as necessary to fulfill the terms of the agreement and in keeping with any legal requirements.

Our commitment to Your Privacy

We commit to the privacy of your personal information. Your transactions made via the Company website will be protected with maximum security. Hence, the information will be utilized solely for your specified purposes and we opt for strict security measures as well as prevent data utilization without prior consent.

Third-party disclosure

You are entitled to your privacy, since the Company prohibits any disclosure of your information to parties other than authorized Company officers, our affiliate companies, and third parties granted with your permission, as well as prevents data utilization without prior consent unless:

The Company receives your consent;

Access to information completes your transactions;

Disclosure as required by the laws for the purpose of legal investigation or proceedings; and

Disclosure in compliance with the relevant government agencies.

The Company may utilize your provided information for the purpose of service improvement, including promotional and marketing activities. The Company shall maintain the confidentiality of your personal information with high-standard security measures. We reserve the right to use your personal information for any analyses for the benefit of the Company operation at any time.


Clients’ Rights

The client has rights in relation to the way the Company handles their client data. These include the following rights:

1. where the legal basis of our processing is Consent, to withdraw that consent at any time;

2. to ask for access to the client data that the Company hold;

3. to prevent our use of the client data for direct marketing purposes;

4. to object to our processing of client data in limited circumstances;

5. to ask us to rectify inaccurate data or to complete incomplete data;

6. to restrict processing in specific circumstances e.g. where there is a complaint about accuracy.


Data protection measures

The Company sees the significance of financial transactions made via the Internet and electronic Companying services.

We adopt the safety technology and measures to ensure the confidentiality of our service recipients to prevent unauthorized utilization or disclosure without permission. We would like to introduce the following safety measures to users of electronics Companying services.

Safety measures for Internet Companying users

Things you should know about Phishing

Safety is the most important factor in Internet transactions. Therefore, ensure your personal and account information is properly safeguarded.


The Company’s copyright, trademark, and intellectual property rights

The Company is the copyright owner of the logo, trademark, registered and unregistered service mark, including any component on the Company’s website (depending on each case) such as any articles, images, text, symbol, animated and motion pictures, advertising media, graphic animation, and designs. They are legally protected and shall not be duplicated, copied, reproduced, adjusted, published or used commercially or publicly, unless written consent has been obtained from the Company.

Information on the Company’s website

The Company operates and manages this website in Thailand and the website is governed and protected by Thai law. This does not guarantee that this website is appropriate for use in other countries and you are responsible for compliance with the country’s law. The Company reserves the right to present, adjust and change the information on the website.

Linking to a third-party website

The Company’s website may provide access to other websites owned and operated by a third party who is not related to the Company. The Company also has no control over the accuracy of the content on third-party websites linked to the Company’s website and you must accept the risk that may arise from the use of products or services, content, published information, damage or defect of products or the violation of contract on third-party websites linked to the Company’s website. Therefore, it is your duty to carefully read the terms of use of the third-party website before browsing the website.

Limitation of Liability

In no event shall the Company be liable for any kind of damage, expense or loss that may arise from direct and indirect use of the Company’s website, including information accuracy, transmission delay, web publishing timeframe, disruption or connection interruption, display error, system instability or computer virus caused by using the Company’s website. You connect to other internet networks via the Company’s website at your own risk. Information error, publishing format, computer virus attack or data theft are not checked nor approved by the Company.

Governing Law

Terms of use and conditions on this website shall be governed and interpreted in accordance with the law of the Kingdom of Thailand and courts of the Kingdom of Thailand shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any disputes arising related to these terms of use and conditions.

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